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Weare committed to promoting the growth of our employees. At the same time, wealso carry out a variety of cultural activities through various clubs topromote our culture, enrich the life of our employees after work, improvecommunication among our employees, and enhance cohesiveness and compatibility. Nowwe have a total of twelve cultural and sports clubs, including youth club, footballteam, basketball team, badminton club, tennis club, swimming club, outdoorclub, chorus, running club, Tai Chi club, bicycle riding club, golf club, etc.,and our football, golf and tennis events have developed into events for Dentonsoffices nationwide. In addition, we also have set up our own CPC Committee, CYLCommittee, Women Lawyers’ Club, Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Students,and Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese.

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Address:9th/ 24th/ 25th Floor, World Financial Center, 100 Century Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai,China
Phone:+86 21 5878 5888
Beijing Dacheng Law Offices, LLP (“大成”) is an independent law firm, and not a member or affiliate of Dentons. 大成 is a partnership law firm organized under the laws of the People’s Republic of China, and is Dentons’ Preferred Law Firm in China, with offices in more than 40 locations throughout China. Dentons Group (a Swiss Verein) (“Dentons”) is a separate international law firm with members and affiliates in more than 160 locations around the world, including Hong Kong SAR, China. For more information, please see or