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As a promoter of the globalization of legal services, we are committed to promotingcultural exchanges. We always adhere to the philosophy of being thankful,showing gratitude and giving back by expressing our gratitude to our communityand striving to take practical actions to give back to our community. We arededicated to social welfare and charitable activities, earthquake and disasterrelief, poverty alleviation, student financial aid, volunteer services, and neighborhoodwatch and support. We help spread socialist values, give our love and sunshine,and light up the world with love and justice. We are committed to protectingthe environment, supporting environmentally friendly enterprises and encouragingan environmentally conscious workplace to make our contributions in building a “beautifulChina”. In addition to offering paid legal services for the social economy, weare committed to offering free and pro bono legal services for thedisadvantaged groups, so that more helpless people can get help.

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Address:15th/16th Floor, Shanghai Tower, 501 Yincheng Road (M), Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China
Phone:+86 21 5878 5888