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    The Criminal law department is one of Dacheng’s major departments. All the members of the criminal law department are graduates from top law schools in China. Most of its members have a Master's degree in criminal law, two of them have a PhD diplomacy in Criminal Law. Some of them have been invited as visiting professor by law schools from Renmin University of China, Fudan University, East China University of Law and Politics of Science, and more. Each staff has solid professional knowledge and rich experiences in the field practice criminal defense.

    ZhaiJian, the director of the criminal law department, has been the deputy director of the Criminal Law Committee of the National Lawyers Association. The Team led by ZhaiJian has been actively participated in China's criminal legislation. Recently, by the invitation of the Ministry of Justice, they have provided many valuable legal opinions to the Ministry of Justice and were eventually adopted by the Ministry of Justice. Over the years, lawyers of the criminal law department have handled more than 1,000 criminal cases, many of them have attracted great attention throughout the country and abroad. For instance, the case Australia's Rio Tinto violation of trade secrets.

    They also have enormous experience in alleviating and reducing criminal legal risks faced by companies. For example, they successfully dealt with a number of companies' including Unilever China Ltd., Criminal law department's professional services has not only been fully recognized by customers, but also in obtaining a good reputation in the field of national criminal lawyer.