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大成上海律师入围Finance Monthly“2016年度中国公司法律师大奖”

  近日,在英国知名金融杂志 Finance Monthly 举办的“ 2016 年度全球法律大奖”评选中,大成上海办公室高级合伙人杨春宝高级律师有幸入围“中国公司法律师大奖”。

  Finance Monthly作为一份国际性刊物,主要在兼并收购、私募股权、企业所得税和公司上市方面发表评论和意见。8年来,该奖项以其全面综合的奖项设置和客观严格的遴选标准受到法律专业人士的广泛认可。

2016年第一季度,Finance Monthly邀请了全球各地19.6万余名该杂志的注册用户进行投票。在2月至5月期间,收到总计4,587张在线投票,并依据Finance Monthly一贯科学的评选标准最终确定了入围名单。该评选标准中的一些关键考量因素包括:所获票数;在过去12个月内有记录的活动数量(需与同业相比);参与的重大交易、案件、重要工作、产品和服务创新;经认可的专长;客户服务创新;参与的交易和案件的规模(金额)等。


Chambers Yang has been shortlisted for Finance Monthlys

2016 Award on Corporate Lawyer of China

In the annual ranking of Finance Monthly, a renowned finance magazine based in the UK, Chambers Yang, senior partner of Dentons Shanghai has had the privilege of being shortlisted for 2016 Award on Corporate Lawyer of China.


Finance Monthly is an international magazine providing comments and opinions on M&A, PE, corporate income tax and corporate listings. It is widely recognized in the legal profession for its comprehensive award categories and unbiased standards. Now in its 8th year the Finance Monthly Global Awards celebrate excellence across private and public sectors as well as commerce and industry.


In the first quarter of 2016, Finance Monthly invited around 196,000 subscribers of Finance Monthly across the world to cast their votes. Between February and May, a total number of 4,587 votes were registered online. The shortlist was finally produced based on the consistently scientific standards which involve some key considered points including the number of unique nominations received; amount of documented activity within the last 12 months in comparison toindustry peers; involvement in significant deals, cases, notable work, innovation in products and services; recognized expertise; innovation in client care; size (value) of involvement within transactions, deals and cases, etc.